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Personal Dragons

   Hi, and welcome to the opportunity to meet your dragon!  What???  You have a dragon?  Of course you do – we all do.  A dragon that finds you fascinating, and follows your story as it unfolds in front of it.  It knows everything about you, and is basically your fan.  So much so, that it has altered its appearance to represent facets of your life and character.  And, that’s part of what you will see when you receive yours.  While Rob draws your dragon – which he can see around you, or in a photograph (usually a little bit behind where you are) – we will attempt to explain to you what we are seeing, and how we have learned over more than a thousand drawings, what the different elements mean about you.  Some of it is interpretation, some seen multiple times between people with similar characteristics, and some intuitive feelings about things we’ve only seen rarely, if ever before.  After all, you are unique, just like your dragon, and things often appear that we have never seen in past dragons.
   This can be a very personal experience, and you should be ready to learn things about you that you thought only you knew.  Or maybe you didn’t even realize.  For that reason, when we are drawing in public, we don’t do these ‘readings’ with a surrounding audience, with the exception of an occasional trusted partner with permission.  And, we never do a full interpretation for a person who isn’t present.  No parents, we can’t show you your teenager’s dragon and tell you why they are suddenly so crazy!  Also, when you order a dragon drawing online, you may not be getting the most complete reading - but we would be happy to elaborate on anything we see if we can meet in person afterwards.
   We hope you enjoy –  This is a being that you’ve known, at least on a subconscious level, all your life.  

Rob And Jean

Dragon drawings start at $100

For an 11x14" Prismacolor pencil drawing, and a printed reading.

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